Interested in playing soccer?  We’d love to have you join us!  Below are the general steps involved in joining a team.

1) Attend a Tryout.  
2) Accept invitation to join a Team.
3) Registration & Payment.
4) Purchase Jersey Kit.
5) Play!


Primary tryouts occur in June to assemble teams that play in the following Fall & Spring seasons.  Club teams are regulated by GVSA as to when tryouts can occur so generally all clubs have tryouts approximately the same week.  We strive to make tryouts fun and relaxing. 

11/11/2023 Tryouts for Spring Season
10:30am @ Grand River Riverfront Park
12570 Grand River Dr SE, Lowell MI 49331
 – Registration to Tryout is now completed through GVSA. website  See instructions for how to complete this registration.


We strive to find a team for every player who tries out with LASSO.  Soon after tryouts, coaches will communicate with successful candidates to offer a position on a team.  


Candidates that agree to play for LASSO will formally accept the position through an emailed invitation.  Final step for acceptance is payment. We intentionally keep operational costs low and are routinely among the most affordable clubs in our conference.  

2023-2024 Fees:
U-7 U-8 $345 Full Year (Fall & Spring Seasons), $200 One Season     
U-9 U-10 $530 Full Year (Fall & Spring Seasons), $302 One Season
U11-U12 $565 Full Year (Fall & Spring Seasons), $321 One Season
U13-U14 $585 Full Year (Fall & Spring Seasons), $332 One Season
High School age player (One Season) $300 Fees

** Full Year includes Fall season (8 games) & Spring season (8 games), 2 nights of training each week  during each season, practice t-shirt, and one tournament.
** Multiple sibling discount.  15% discount applied to the youngest childs fee


Soccer uniform kits should be ordered soon after placement on team to ensure delivery before first game.  Use the link below to order LASSO kits from Gazelle Sports. Each kit includes 2 jerseys and 1 pair of shorts. Uniforms are used for a period of 2 years. The next uniform cycle will begin in Fall of 2022.


Count the days till the season starts!