Nick Abdoo


Nick Adboo

Team(s) you will coach:

Number of seasons you have coached:
First year with LASSO

Other soccer experience (referee, playing, etc):

  • Lowell High School 2004-2008
    • All State Junior and Senior seasons
  • Indiana Tech Varsity 2008-2010
    • 2010 WHAC tournament championship and NAIA nationals
  • Grand Valley State University Men’s Club 2010-2013
    • 2013 NCCS national tournament
  • GRFC
    • 2015 to present
    • 2015 Midfielder of the year


  • West Michigan Fire Juniors U11 boys (2013)
  • East Grand Rapids High School Freshman team (2015)
  • Junior Kickers East Lansing camp (2012-2014)
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools camp (2015)

Why do you coach?:
I coach because I love the game, and I love to see players develop and grow.

I’ve played for many coaches throughout my life, some great, some good, and some bad. I’ve learned many things from each and every one of them. I pay attention to how they run their training sessions, how they operate when game time comes, and how they get along with the team. From nearly 21 years of playing, I know the game and what it takes to be a good player. I feel like I can offer a lot to younger players and help them grow and become better players.